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Dominating Burp Suite

This training provides a theoretical and practical understanding of the most risky vulnerabilities and their combination in the detection and exploitation of them, using the famous Burp Suite hacking tool. It contains numerous real-life examples, with CVEs, Bounties to help attendees understand the true impact of these vulnerabilities.

You will learn how to use the typical functions and those less known, hidden among the tabs of Burp Suite. Develop the first extension in Python, Ruby or Java and take advantage of the API.


  • Understand Burp Suite.

  • Real scenarios and environments with vulnerabilities.

  • Identify vulnerabilities using the internal tools.

  • Use typical functions and those less known.

Day 1:

  • Introduction

  • Basic concepts

  • URL and URI structure

  • Security Headers

  • Protocols and authentication

  • Introduction to Burp Suite

  • Burp Suite UI

  • What are those tabs?

  • Dashboard

  • Target

  • Proxy

  • Intruder

  • Repeater

  • Sequencer

  • Decoder

  • Comparer

  • Extender

  • Project & User Options

Day 2:

  • Mobile Apps

  • Scanner

  • Extensibility

  • The First Extension

  • API

  • Engagement Tools

  • Tips

  • Vulnerability Lab

  • Exploitability

  • OWASP Web Security Top 10

  • OWASP API Security Top 10

  • Challenge, CTF!

Who should take this class?

System Administrators, Web Developers, SOC analysts, Penetration Testers, network engineers, security enthusiasts and anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

Training is offered in-house or publicly, depending on the number of candidates. Contact us for more information.
Dominating Burp Suite
Learn how to use both the typical functions and the lesser-known ones hidden among the tabs of Burp Suite. Develop your first extension in Python, Ruby, or Java and leverage the API.
20 hr
Web Hacking
The attendees will learn about tools and techniques to hack components involved in Web Applications and will leave with a solid understanding of the concepts upon which these tools are based.
20 hr
AppSec for Developers
Covers a variety of best security practices and in-depth defense approaches of which developers should be aware, as well as some quick techniques to identify various security issues.
20 hr

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