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Our solutions speak of how much your safety matters to us.

Application Security

The objective of this service is to identify and analyze vulnerabilities in a company's web applications. These vulnerabilities are generally associated with security mistakes in the application's design, its development, or its implementation.

Mobile Security

For mobile security, we use automated scanning, manual testing, and design testing to find weaknesses and mend them quickly. This is done by hardening backend servers, which are usually responsible for the data execution for a mobile application.

Bug Bounty Program Management

Bugs bounty programs are incentives offered by different companies that reward individuals or groups for finding critical bugs within their systems. The programs are a way to expand the company’s base of knowledge, while allowing resourceful users the opportunity to actively participate in improving the quality of products they find useful. Skilled programmers and hackers will prevent threats before attackers do.

Client-Side Attacks

While building their defenses with software and hardware, many companies will marginalize the possibility of human error to create vulnerabilities. The main target of this service is to simulate an attack against a company's sensitive data using techniques that exploit the latter. Rather than the straightforward approach of finding code-based vulnerabilities, it is done through social engineering strategies, wherein attackers use direct communication and human nature to find information about companies.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the service analysis of external system vulnerabilities. This method uses a set of tests to identify vulnerabilities and their associated risks related to company assets that are exposed to the Internet.


The term "hardening" applies mostly to servers and their attached nodes, but it can also apply to entire systems. Whenever there is a risk of devices and machines leading back to a centralized source of data, the routes into that source need to be well-defended.

Security Awareness

Our security awareness services are for training and continued learning for companies who want to make sure their employees understand their roles in protecting data.

Threat Modeling

It's a complex and ongoing process, where our security professionals identify threats to the security of your organization, and provide consultation on how to eliminate risks. More than that, it is a self-evaluation of your company’s defensive position, so you know which parts you absolutely must protect, and which inherent risks have the most potential for harm.

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